Image Processing-Face Recognition

Code Project Title Year
MFR01 Context-Aware Local Binary Feature Learning for Face Recognition IEEE 2017-18
MFR02 Data-Dependent Label Distribution Learning for Age Estimation IEEE 2017-18
MFR03 Face Anti-Spoofing using Speeded-Up Robust Features and Fisher Vector Encoding IEEE 2017-18
MFR04 Facial Age Estimation with Age Difference IEEE 2017-18
MFR05 Largest Matching Areas for Illumination and Occlusion Robust Face Recognition IEEE 2017-18
MFR06 Learning Correspondence Structures for Person Re-identification IEEE 2017-18
MFR07 Semi-Supervised Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition with Insufficient Labeled Samples IEEE 2017-18
MFR08 Simultaneous Feature and Dictionary Learning for Image Set Based Face Recognition IEEE 2017-18

Facial Expression Recognition

Code Project Title Year
MFER01 A Facial-Expression Monitoring System for Improved Healthcare in Smart Cities IEEE 2017-18
MFER02 An emotion recognition system for mobile applications IEEE 2017-18
MFER03 The Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition IEEE 2017-18
MFER04 Unconstrained Facial Beauty Prediction Based on Multi-scale K-Means IEEE 2017-18

Action Recognition

Code Project Title Year
MAR01 Semi-Supervised Image-to-Video Adaptation for Video Action Recognition IEEE 2017-18
MAR02 Soft Biometrics: Globally Coherent Solutions for Hair Segmentation and Style Recognition based on Hierarchical MRFs IEEE 2017-18

Medical Image Processing

Code Project Title Year
MMIP01 Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Empirical Wavelet Transform and Correntropy Features Extracted from Fundus Images IEEE 2017-18
MMIP02 Neuron Segmentation with High-Level Biological Priors IEEE 2017-18
MMIP03 Retinal Disease Screening through Local Binary Patterns IEEE 2017-18
MMIP04 Defect Detection in SEM Images of Nanofibrous Materials IEEE 2017-18

Image Processing

Code Project Title Year
MIP01 Fast Image Dehazing Method Based on Linear Transformation IEEE 2017-18
MIP02 Fog Density Estimation and Image Defogging Based on Surrogate Modeling for Optical Depth IEEE 2017-18
MIP03 Haze Removal using the Difference-Structure-Preservation Prior IEEE 2017-18
MIP04 Single Image Rain Streak Decomposition Using Layer Priors IEEE 2017-18
MIP05 A Hierarchical Approach for Rain or Snow Removing in A Single Color Image IEEE 2017-18
MIP06 Contrast Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition IEEE 2017-18
MIP07 Cartoon and Texture Decomposition based Color Transfer for Fabric Images IEEE 2017-18
MIP08 Optimized Multioperator Image Retargeting Based on Perceptual Similarity Measure IEEE 2017-18
MIP09 Perceptual Image Fusion using Wavelets IEEE 2017-18


Code Project Title Year
MB01 Deep Representation based feature extraction and recovering for Fingervein verification IEEE 2017-18
MB02 Study of Imposter Attacks on Novel Fingerprint Dynamics Based Verification System IEEE 2017-18

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Code Project Title Year
MITS01 A Cognitively Motivated Method for Classification of Occluded Traffic Signs IEEE 2017-18
MITS02 Automatic Detection of Red Light Running Using Vehicular Cameras IEEE 2017-18
MITS03 Counting vehicles in urban traffic scenes using foreground time-spatial images IEEE 2017-18
MITS04 Enhancing Automatic Maritime Surveillance Systems With Visual Information IEEE 2017-18
MITS05 Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based on Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement and Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion IEEE 2017-18
MITS06 Towards Detection of Bus Driver Fatigue Based on Robust Visual Analysis of Eye State IEEE 2017-18
MITS07 A Practical Animal Detection and Collision Avoidance System Using Computer Vision Technique IEEE 2017-18

License Plate Detection

Code Project Title Year
MLPD01 A Robust and Efficient Approach to License Plate Detection IEEE 2017-18
MLPD02 Accurate Detection and Recognition of Dirty Vehicle Plate Numbers for High-Speed Applications IEEE 2017-18
MLPD03 Segmentation- and Annotation-Free License Plate Recognition With Deep Localization and Failure Identification IEEE 2017-18

Steganography & Watermarking

Code Project Title Year
MSW01 A Novel Data Hiding Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Images IEEE 2017-18
MSW02 Steganography with Multiple JPEG Images of the Same Scene IEEE 2017-18
MSW03 Chaos-based fast colour image encryption scheme with true random number keys from environmental noise IEEE 2017-18
MSW04 Features Classification Forest: A Novel Development that is Adaptable to Robust Blind Watermarking Techniques IEEE 2017-18
MSW05 Fractional Krawtchouk transform with an application to image watermarking IEEE 2017-18

Forensic Detection

Code Project Title Year
MFD01 An Image-Based Approach to Detection of Fake Coins IEEE 2017-18
MFD02 Splicing Image Forgery Detection Using Textural Features Based on the Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrices IEEE 2017-18

Image Denoising/Deblurring

Code Project Title Year
MID01 Affine Non-local Means Image Denoising IEEE 2017-18
MID02 Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising IEEE 2017-18
MID03 Structure-based Low-Rank Model with Graph Nuclear Norm Regularization for Noise Removal IEEE 2017-18
MID04 L0-Regularized Intensity and Gradient Prior for Deblurring Text Images and Beyond IEEE 2017-18

Image Segmentation

Code Project Title Year
MIS01 An Adaptive Background Modeling Method for Foreground Segmentation IEEE 2017-18
MIS02 Color-Based Segmentation of Sky/Cloud Images From Ground-Based Cameras IEEE 2017-18
MIS03 Detecting morphological filtering of binary images IEEE 2017-18
MIS04 Learning Spatio-Temporal Information for Multi-Object Tracking IEEE 2017-18
MIS05 Weak Classifier for Density Estimation in Eye Localization and Tracking IEEE 2017-18


Code Project Title Year
MSR01 Coarse-to-Fine Learning for Single-Image Super-Resolution IEEE 2017-18
MSR02 Single Image Super-Resolution via Adaptive Transform-Based Nonlocal Self-Similarity Modeling and Learning-Based Gradient Regularization IEEE 2017-18
MSR03 SRLSP: A Face Image Super-Resolution Algorithm Using Smooth Regression with Local Structure Prior IEEE 2017-18


Code Project Title Year
MCBIR01 Discriminative Multi-view Interactive Image Re-ranking IEEE 2017-18
MCBIR02 Neighborhood Matching For Image Retrieval IEEE 2017-18
MCBIR03 Words Matter: Scene Text for Image Classification and Retrieval IEEE 2017-18

Hyperspectral Images

Code Project Title Year
MHI01 Effective Denoising and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Curvelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis IEEE 2017-18
MHI02 Hierarchical Guidance Filtering-Based Ensemble Classification for Hyperspectral Images IEEE 2017-18
MHI03 Higher Order Dynamic Conditional Random Fields Ensemble for Crop Type Classification in Radar Images IEEE 2017-18

Video Processing

Code Project Title Year
MVP01 Automatic Detection of 3D Quality Defects in Stereoscopic Videos Using Binocular Disparity IEEE 2017-18
MVP02 Salient object detection with spatiotemporal background priors for video IEEE 2017-18
MVP03 Toward Storytelling From Visual Lifelogging: An Overview IEEE 2017-18