A Multi-Load Wireless Power Transfer System with Series-Parallel-Series Compensation

In the conventional wireless power transfer (WPT) system, the energy is usually transferred from the source to only one load. Recently the WPT system with multiple receivers has attracted more and more attentions where multiple loads can be powered simultaneously. In a WPT system with multiple receivers was proposed for the battery cell voltage equalization. The multiple receiving coils are placed in the same plane and receive power from a big transmitting coil. However, the cross-coupling between different receiving coils is neglected. In, multiple receiving coils with different resonant frequencies are used to receive power from the same transmitting coil. By changing the operational frequency of the source, the receiving coil with the same resonant frequency can receive power. However, only one receiver works at a certain moment. In a multi-load WPT system, the control of the load power is challenging because of the various coupling effects between different coils. In, the buck converter is used at each receiving circuit to control the load power. Repeater coils are used and each repeater coil is connected to a load. It is derived in that the load resistance should meet a certain condition to realize equal power distribution among all the loads. It means that the load power is coupled with each other, which makes it difficult to control the load power in practical applications. In this letter, a novel multi-load WPT system is proposed. The repeater unit containing two repeater coils is designed and a suitable magnetic decoupling can be achieved. The series parallel-series (SPS) compensation method is used for each repeater unit. The constant load current can be obtained for the proposed system, which facilitates the power control of all the loads.

Project Description


           This project proposes a novel wireless power transfer (WPT) system with repeater coils for multiple loads. Every two repeater coils form a repeater unit where one is used to receive power from its preceding unit and the other transmits power to the subsequent unit. Each load is connected to a repeater unit and multiple loads can be powered with several repeater units. The two coils in the same repeater unit are both bipolar ones, which are placed perpendicularly so that the magnetic coupling between them can be eliminated. In order to obtain independent power control of all the loads, the series-parallel-series compensation method is adopted for each repeater unit. With a proper resonant condition proposed in this letter, the constant load current can be obtained for all the loads when neglecting the coils’ parasitic resistances. An experimental setup has been constructed and the effectiveness of the proposed multi-load WPT system is validated by the experimental.


  • Arduino Mother Board  
  • Voltage Sensor
  • Relay Driver 
  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Power Supply


  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus Simulation

Project Block Diagram

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