A Novel Approach for Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using Internet of Things

Railways are one of the most common used modes of transportation in India. Error free railway operations are very rare these days due the human negligence and miscommunications which leads to accidents and delay in advent of the train; the path or the area where roadway and rail lines meet is known railway cross. A gate is placed for controlling the movement of the vehicles which requires human effort and coordination, mistiming in this leads to accidents. Gates are manually operated, errors which may give rise while closing and opening, the technique suggested here paper introduces a whole new way of automating the things. These are usually handled by a concerned person and he/she will be communicated by some way of communication from station’s controlling department. Percentages of incorrectness are high at Railway crosses are at the peak because of the human errors and also due to the lack of the knowledge of train timings. If detainment happens in lifting and shutting gate and irresponsibility may cause big disaster. Current proposed work here tries to develop a mechanism which does the automation of gate operations (opening and closing) using Arduino, IR sensor and using motor for closing and opening of a gate.

Some of the challenges faced by the Railway Department with regard to this is the increase in percentage of accidents near crossing. Present mechanism consists of human operations which happen based on communication messages got from the Railway station. Mistakes in sending the information/signal to the gate operator regarding train’s arrival, some delay or problem with respect to the closing and opening of the gate or regarding anything which might have got between the tracks which in turn cause the mishap near the crossing. Our system helps in dealing with some issues i.e. Lessens the overall waiting duration spent by people near crossing and it guarantees protection of the humans near crossing during the passing of the train when near crossing. As the human involvement is present in operation of gate which will be reduced which reduces probability of mishap and colliding of trains coming at the same time from opposite direction near crossing. Sensors play a major role in automating the process of gate lifting and closing. This paper shows an automated Smart way of controlling the gates at crossing which provides reliability, security when compared to current system.

Project Description


The automation of Railway gates at intersections crossing is very important to avoid accidents near it. At present, railway crossing gates are operated manually by gate operator. When a train leaves the station, the in-charge person of the station sends the signal/information to the gate operator about the departure and arrival of the train. The involvement of human is avoided by automating the process. If train’s arrival is delayed by any reasons, the care is taken that gates are not opened for long period of time due to this it leads to the traffic jam and also wastage of time. The system uses two Infrared (IR) sensors in order to sense the arrival and going movement of the railway engine. Train’s advent when detected, signal in the form of sound and warning light signal indication is given to the commuters to warn about advent of train towards me. Sensor I sense the advent of the train the warning is given in the form of red color light and the driving agent attached to the gate will start to shut the opened gate. In order to control the gate motor has been used. The gates are made to shut unless and until the train passes completely moves away from railway gate. The motor helps in lifting and shutting the gate based on coming going of the train which is done with the help of sensors. Sensors will play a vital role in automating the things along with the help of motor and arduino as a controller.

In India, a huge country with the largest railway network in the world at almost 1,20,000 kilometers has a huge problem of railway collisions. There have been multiple news stories ranging from the death of 13 children in Uttar Pradesh, India to 5 elephants dying due to railway related accidents. Most of these issues are due to the lack of management at railway crossings. Human monitoring has been a proposed solution, however, due to India's sheer scale, it is very difficult to monitor every crossing, especially in the rural and forested areas. In this paper, we are proposing a system that can automate the monitoring of railway crossings. We plan on finding out the most frequented railway crossings and fixing an overhead camera at the scene, which can monitor the crossing. This feed will be fed into an SSD object detection algorithm that will detect an object in the feed. Once the object has been detected, the object will be monitored and if the object has been on the track or in the vicinity of the tracks, an alert will be sent to the train stations to both the stations closest to the object - saying the trains needs to slow down in this area. The object detected will be transferred to the operator as well who can give the driver an idea what to do - honk for humans and slow down for animals for example. We feel that this will effectively reduce the collisions and solve the problem of railway collisions.


  • Arduino Microcontroller 
  • IR Tx, Rx
  • Node MCU
  • Relay driver
  • Motor 
  • 16*2 Display (LCD Display)
  • Power Supply 


  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Project Block Diagram

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