Agricultural Monitoring and Smart Irrigation System

The agriculture face many problems like, irrigation problem ,soil quality problem ,lack of market understanding ,need of manpower etc and also farmers do not have full control of their crops .Massive amount of crops had been destroyed due to unknown weather condition and it also include a large amount of crops damaged due to irregular supply of water and negligent maintenance of the farms . So, there is a need to make some changes in the agriculture pattern and to make use of information techniques to speed up the development.

             India’s major source of income is from agriculture sector and 70% of farmers and general people depend on the agriculture. Indian irrigation system the famers are chosen most of the methods manually such as drip, terraced, ditch irrigation system of them. In order to improve to the crop productivity there is an urgent need to change manual method to automation. Embedded based automatic irrigation system is suitable for farmers available at low cost easily install. Automation irrigation system observes the moisture sensors and temperature variations of around the crop area that’s gives a precise time of operation the motor turns ON and OFF. So Automatic human avoid the human errors and check soil moisture level. Internet of things (IOT) is allowing controls the systems from remote area over an internet. In the given model we are aiming to automate the following garden processes. The main objective of the work is to achieve technological solution based on IOT and Arduino to facilitate the task of monitoring plant, control the irrigation process, to help the farmers and reduce its efforts.  A thing speak channel is created and connected to Arduino by using esp8266 wifi module to sending and receiving data using the cloud, Where the user can access the channel via user name and password to remotely monitor and control.

Project Description


              We are living in a world of digitization. Almost everything around, us is touch by digitisation. The role the Technology has to play in agriculture sector is becoming more and more visible day by day. The main goal of this paper is the farmer will be able to monitor and control the irrigation by using smart phone or pc from anywhere at any time, to monitor the water parameter and reduce his efforts also to optimize the use of water. The obtained sensor values are sent to the farmers through the Wi-Fi router and the crop suggestion is made through the mobile application. Here we are using different sensors like humidity, temperature, moisture, light etc. The system proposed in this paper uses information and communication technologies, allowing the user to consider and examine the information obtained by different sensors. These sensors give signal to the Arduino controller. The controller gives the data to the isolated server through a Node MCU.

           The purpose of this project is to provide embedded based system for soil monitoring and irrigation to reduce the manual monitoring of the field and get the information via mobile application.


  • Arduino Micro-controller (ATMEGA328)
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Rain Detection Sensor
  • WIFI Module (Node MCU Esp8266)
  •  Relay Driver
  • Motor
  • LCD Display
  • Power Supply


  • Arduino Software (IDE)
  • Embedded C

Project Block Diagram

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