Automated Plant Watering System

We all know that plants are very beneficial to all human beings in many aspects. Plants helps in keeping the environment healthy by cleaning air naturally and producing oxygen. Many people love to have plants in their backyard. But due to civilization and insufficiency of place many people used to grow plants in a mold or dirt, pot, and placed on the windowsill. This plant is dependent on conventional breeding - watering, and provide the right amount of sun to sustain life and growth. In busy schedule of day to day life, many time people forget to water their plants and due to this plant suffers many disorders and ultimately died. In addition, the world's biggest problem in modem society is the shortage of water resources, agriculture is a demanding job to consume large amounts of water. It is very essential to utilize the water resources in proper way. Thus, a system is required, to handle this task automatically. Automated plant watering system estimate and measure the existing plant and then supplies desired amount of water needed by that plant. It is minimizing the excess water use as well as keeping plants healthy.

Project Description

In daily operations related to farming or gardening watering is the most important practice and the most labour-intensive task. No matter whichever weather it is, either too hot and dry or too cloudy and wet, you want to be able to control the amount of water that reaches your plants. Modern watering systems could be effectively used to water plants when they need it. But this manual process of watering requires two important aspects to be considered: when and how much to water. In order to replace manual activities and making gardener's work easier, we have created automatic plant watering system. By adding automated plant watering system to the garden or agricultural field, you will help all of the plants reach their fullest potential as well as conserving water. Using sprinklers drip emitters, or a combination of both, we have designed a system that is ideal for every plant in the yard. For implementation of automatic plant watering system, we have used combination of sprinkler systems, pipes, and nozzles.

In this paper we have used ATmega328 microcontroller. It is programmed to sense moisture level of plants at particular instance of time, if the moisture content is less than specified threshold which is predefined according to particular plant's water need then desired amount of water is supplied till it reaches threshold. Generally, plants need to be watered twice a day, morning and evening. Thus, the microcontroller is programmed to water plants two times per day. System is designed in such a way that it reports its current state as well as remind the user to add water to the tank. All this notification is made through mobile application. We hope that through this prototype we all can enjoy having plants, without being worried about absent or forgetfulness.


  • Arduino Mother Board
  • Soil Monitoring Sensor
  • Water Float Sensor
  • Relay Driver
  • LCD Display
  • Motor
  • Power Supply



Project Block Diagram

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