Bus Detection Device for The Differently Abled Using RFID

Blind people desperately need special requirements and services including the public transportation to give them the rights and ability to move smoothly and independently from one place to another. Blindness limits the type of transportation a person can use and hence, the blind may suffer additional delay compared to a normal person because of the limited transportation choices. The most used transport means for blind people is the public transportation, which is considered as one of the important means for travelling in many countries. In New York, for ex-ample, the percentage of people who use the public transportation is 55%. Unfortunately, public transportation is not an easy mean to use and access by blind people in many countries. For example, in the case of buses, blind people have difficulty in recognizing and estimating the arrival of buses at the bus stations. Moreover, they cannot read the bus number to identify the correct bus to board. There are systems that had been engineered for assisting blind and visually impaired people such as those presented in1,8-10. However, existing assistive systems for mobility of the visually impaired and blind people in public transport are not satisfactory, which is the motivation behind this work. 

This paper demonstrates a bus detection system to help blind people to travel smoothly and independently from one place to another by providing complete and clear information about the following: the existence of blind people at the bus station to alert the bus driver, the approaching bus station, and the buses arrival and their routes at a bus station. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been an emerging technology in recent years. In the recent few years there have been a lot of advancements in the field of RFID. The application of RFID technology has been numerous and the usage of this technology has led to many application specific designs and models that are today being used in many control systems. The purpose of this paper will be to develop a design and propose a plan to implement RFID technology that will help the blind people navigate in outdoor environment.

Project Description

The estimated number of blind people over the world is between 40 to 45 million, special services should be provided to them in order to give them the right to live as others do. Unlike people with normal vision, it is difficult for the visually challenged persons to locate the bus stations, read the information displayed at the bus stations and also to identify the destination of the buses that arrive at the bus stations. In order to assist them to overcome all the above difficulty a solution based on RFID technology has been proposed in this present work. The proposed system consists of two important modules viz. the bus sub system and the bus station subsystem and makes use of an ATMEGA328 Microcontroller for its functioning. Three different RFID tags are needed one for each bus, one for each bus station and one for each blind person. The proposed system has been developed and tested. Its performance is satisfactory and could help users to successfully board their desired buses, using the interactive communication modules. This idea also incidentally provides a potential and viable assistance even to the people with hearing impairment, by way of including suitable low-cost displays in the various modules.


  • Arduino UNO 
  • RFID Reader
  • RFID Cards
  • RF TX/RX
  • Node MCU
  • Power Supply


  • Arduino IDE
  •  Embedded C

Project Block Diagram

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