Car Parking Using Internet of Things

Now a days the usage of the vehicles of an individual gets increases which causes a problem in finding the suitable parking area. Parking problem that aims to find, reserve and provide the best location for each driver is an important problem in the city, because of energy consumption and time spending during searching for car parking in the limited parking area. As the growth of Internet of Things and Cloud technology concepts allow rising of many possibilities to overcome problems in smart cities

Project Description

Currently, smart cities are the result of the need to direct our lives towards sustainability through the development of solid strategic planning that uses infrastructure, innovation and technology. Due to growing vehicle fleet in the cities, the management of the parking spaces has become very important and with it the interest in developing smart parking systems. This works presence the design and development of smart vehicular presence sensor.


  • Parking Detection Sensor (Ultrasonic and infrared) 
  • RFID Tag
  • RFID Reader 
  • Buzzer 
  • Relay Driver
  • LCD Display
  • Power Supply (7-12V DC)


  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus Simulation
  • Embedded C

Project Block Diagram

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