Covid-19 Facemask Detection with Deep Learning and Computer Vision

The trend of wearing face masks in public is rising due to the COVID- 19 corona virus epidemic all over the world. Before Covid-19, People used to wear masks to protect their health from air pollution. While other people are self-conscious about their looks, they hide their emotions from the public by hiding their faces. Scientists proofed that wearing face masks works on impeding COVID-19 transmission. COVID19 (known as corona virus) is the latest epidemic virus that hit the human health in the last century. In 2020, the rapid spreading of COVID-19 has forced the World Health Organization to declare COVID- 19 as a global pandemic. More than five million cases were infected by COVID-19 in less than 6 months across 188 countries. The virus spreads through close contact and in crowded and overcrowded areas. The corona virus epidemic has given rise to an extraordinary degree of worldwide scientific cooperation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on Machine learning and Deep Learning can help to fight Covid-19 in many ways. Machine learning allows researchers and clinicians evaluate vast quantities of data to forecast the distribution of COVID-19, to serve as an early warning mechanism for potential pandemics, and to classify vulnerable populations. The provision of healthcare needs funding for emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and machine learning to tackle and predict new diseases. In order to better understand infection rates and to trace and quickly detect infections, the AI’s power is being exploited to address the Covid-19 pandemic. People are forced by laws to wear face masks in public in many countries. These rules and laws were developed as an action to the exponential growth in cases and deaths in many areas. However, the process of monitoring large groups of people is becoming more difficult. The monitoring process involves the detection of anyone who is not wearing a face mask.

Project Description

The corona virus COVID-19 pandemic is causing a global health crisis so the effective protection methods is wearing a face mask in public areas according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The COVID-19 pandemic forced governments across the world to impose lockdowns to prevent virus transmissions. Reports indicate that wearing facemasks while at work clearly reduces the risk of transmission. An efficient and economic approach of using AI to create a safe environment in a manufacturing setup. A hybrid model using deep and classical machine learning for face mask detection will be presented. A face mask detection dataset consists of with mask and without mask images, we are going to use OpenCV to do real-time face detection from a live stream via our webcam. We will use the dataset to build a COVID-19 face mask detector with computer vision using Python, OpenCV, and Tensor Flow and Keras. Our goal is to identify whether the person on image/video stream is wearing a face mask or not with the help of computer vision and deep learning.


  • Raspberry pi
  • Pi camera
  • WIFI
  • Relay



Project Block Diagram

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