Industrial Automation Using Internet of Things (IOT)

In recent years a wide range of industrial IoT applications have been developed and deployed. Evolution of this starts from GSM technology, which allows microchips to transmit the identification information to a reader through wireless communication. By using IOT Modem, people can identify, track, and monitor any objects attached with Industry automatically. Another technology is the wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which mainly use interconnected intelligent sensors to sense and monitoring. Its applications include environmental monitoring, industrial monitoring, traffic monitoring. Then upcoming technology is IoT with Artificial Intelligent. In previous year, Industry was monitored manually, but this paper introduces Artificial Intelligent to monitor as well as control the Industry autonomously without human intervention. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To develop a system which will automatically monitor the industrial applications and generate Alerts/Alarms or take intelligent Decision using concept of IoT. And also design the system to Take Intelligent Decision and Control Devices. EXISTING SYSTEM No ways to detect un-even condition in industry. 

Project Description


Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly increasing technology. IoT is the network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. IOT or internet of things is a technology that deals with bringing control of physical devices over the internet. Here we propose efficient industry automation system that allows user to efficiently control industry appliances/machines over the internet. For demonstration of this system we use 3 loads as industrial appliances or machines and a motor to demonstrate as an industrial motor. Our system uses a PIC family microcontroller for processing all user commands. A wifi modem is used to connect to the internet and receive user commands. On sending commands through the internet they are first received by our wifi modem. The modem decodes information and passes it to the microcontroller for further processing. The microcontroller then switches loads and operates the motors as per receivers’ commands. Also, it displays the system state on an LCD display. Thus, we automate entire industry using online GUI for easy industry automation.


  • Microcontroller and Atmega328 Mother Board – 650
  • Relay 
  • WIFI Modem
  • LCD and Power Supply
  • Motor – 180


  • CCS C Compiler Details

Project Block Diagram

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