Integration of Wireless Sensor Network with Virtual Instrumentation in A Hazardous Environmental

The environmental care has become one of the biggest concerns for almost every country in the last few years. Even though the industrial accident level has been increasing without any control in the last decades, the current situation in the industry towards more hazardous environment. Recently, the modern industries are demanding sophisticated instrumentation for monitoring and control of environmental risk parameters of the hazardous area. Human safety and property losses are the essential to maintain the equilibrium between industry and environments. Five factors compose the basis factors of a risk accident: the fire, Smoke, gas leakage, radiation and high temperature source, environmental elements and combustible material. An industrial accident usually occurs as the result of their combined effects Therefore, the moisture content of combustible materials is a major point of assessment and predicts whether a fire will take place. In this paper propose, combining the virtual monitoring technology with hazardous risk management together, a wireless multi-sensory monitoring system of hazardous site environment. The function of real-time remote-distance hazardous parameters information display, data analysis, limiting value alarm, trend monitoring and data storage is realized in this system.

Project Description


This paper proposes a hazardous environment monitoring and control for monitoring information concerning safety and security, utilizing Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology with virtual instrumentation (Lab VIEW), a system architecture and concept implementation are described, in the context of an industrial safety monitoring scenario. Data acquisition is performed via the deployed wireless sensor network with focus on four main parameters: temperature, fire, smoke gas leakage and humidity. The data logging, monitoring and control functions are realized through virtual instrumentation software (Lab VIEW). This also enables an easy-to-use user interface and the accessibility of data through standards-based web server technologies.


  • Arduino Microcontroller 
  • Node MCU
  • Gas Sensor
  • Fire Sensor
  • DHT11 Sensor
  • Relay driver
  • Buzzer
  • LCD Display
  • Power Supply  


  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Project Block Diagram

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