Intelligent Agro Crop Monitoring System Using IOT

IOT interconnects human to thing, thing to thing and human to human. The goal of IoT is bring out a huge network by combining different types connected devices. IoT targets three aspects Communication, automation, cost saving in a system. IOT empowers people to carry out routine activities using internet and thus saves time and cost making them more productive. IOT enables the objects to be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network model. IOT in environmental monitoring helps to know about the air and water quality, temperature and conditions of the soil, and also monitor the intrusion of animals in to the field. IOT can also play a significant role in precision farming to enhance the productivity of the farm.

Project Description


The Internet of things (IOT) is remodelling the agriculture enabling the farmers with the wide range of techniques such as precision and sustainable agriculture to face challenges in the field. IOT technology helps in collecting information about conditions like weather, moisture, temperature and fertility of soil, Crop online monitoring enables detection of weed, level of water, pest detection, animal intrusion in to the field, crop growth, agriculture. IOT leverages farmers to get connected to his farm from anywhere and anytime. Wireless sensor networks are used for monitoring the farm conditions and micro controllers are used to control and automate the farm processes. To view remotely the conditions in the form of image and video, wireless cameras have been used. A smart phone empowers farmer to keep updated with the ongoing conditions of his agricultural land using IOT at any time and any part of the world. IOT technology can reduce the cost and enhance the productivity of traditional farming.


  • Arduino Mother Board
  • LCD Display
  • LM 35
  • LDR Sensor
  • Soil Monitoring Sensor
  • Water Float Switch
  • Wi-Fi
  • Relay Driver
  • Motor
  • Power Supply


  • Arduino Software (IDE)
  • Embedded C
  • Proteus Simulation

Project Block Diagram

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