Internet of Things (IOT) Based Weather Monitoring System

Present innovations in technology mainly focus on controlling and monitoring of different activities. These are increasingly emerging to reach the human needs. Most of this technology is focused on efficient monitoring and controlling different activities. An efficient environmental monitoring system is required to monitor and assess the conditions in case of exceeding the prescribed level of parameters. When the objects like environment equipped with sensor devices, microcontroller and various software applications becomes a self-protecting and self-monitoring environment and it is also called as smart environment. In such environment when some event occurs the alarm or LED alerts automatically. The effects due to the environmental changes on animals, plants and human beings can be monitored and controlled by smart environmental monitoring system. By using embedded intelligence into the environment makes the environment interactive with other objectives, this is one of the applications that smart environment targets. 

Project Description


              The system proposed in this paper is an advanced solution for monitoring the weather conditions at a particular place and make the information visible anywhere in the world. The technology behind this is Internet of Things (IoT), which is an advanced and efficient solution for connecting the things to the internet and to connect the entire world of things in a network. Here things might be whatever like electronic gadgets, sensors and automotive electronic equipment. The system deals with monitoring and controlling the environmental conditions like temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and Rain with sensors and sends the information to the web page. The data updated from the implemented system can be accessible in the internet from anywhere in the world.


  • Arduino Microcontroller (ATMEGA328) 
  • Humidity sensor 
  • Rain Detection Sensor
  • WIFI Module (Node MCU Esp8266)
  • LCD Display 
  • Power Supply


  • Embedded C

Project Block Diagram

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