Internet of Things Based Smart Health Care Monitoring System

Health is characterized as a full state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely a lack of illness. Health is a fundamental element of people’s need for a better life. Unfortunately, the global health problem has created a dilemma because of certain factors, such as poor health services, the presence of large gaps between rural and urban areas, physicians, and nurse’s unavailability during the hardest time.

IoT is making any objects internally connected in the recent decade and it has been considered as the next technological revolution. Smart health monitoring mechanism, smart parking, smart home, smart city, smart climate, industrial sites, and agricultural felds are some of the applications of IoT. The most tremendous use of IoT is in healthcare management which provides health and environment condition tracking facilities. IoT is nothing but linking computers to the internet utilizing sensors and networks. These connected components can be used on devices for health monitoring. The used sensors then forward the information to distant locations like M2M, which are machinery for computers, machines for people, handheld devices, or smartphones. It is a simple, energy-efcient, much smarter, scalable, and interoperable way of tracking and optimizing care to any health problem. Nowadays, modern systems are providing a fexible interface, assistant devices, and mental health management to lead a smart life for the human being. Heart rate and body temperature are the two most signifcant indicators for human health. Heart rate is the per-minute amount of heartbeats, commonly known as the pulse rate. To measure the pulse rate, an increase in the blood fow volume can be used by calculating the pulses.

Project Description


Internet of things (IoT) is a fast growing a user-friendly technology which allows everything to be connected and also allows effective communication between the connected "things". IoT has top five applications are Traffic monitoring, Healthcare, Security, Transport and logistics, and Daily life. Our objective focuses on developing Health Care application. The Internet of Things could be a game-changer for the healthcare industry. The proposed system presents an architectural framework to describe the entire monitoring life cycle and highlights essential service components. It serves as a fundamental basis for achieving robust, efficient, and secure health monitoring. The main primary aims of this project is to design an IOT based architecture for health-related issues such as Heart Monitoring system, body temperature and Daily Activity. The Data obtained through sensors are uploaded to the cloud and shared with others. Data obtained through sensors are processed and accessed through a smart phone.


  • Arduino
  • Blood Pressure Sensor
  • EMG Sensor
  • Wi-Fi
  • LCD Display
  • Power Supply


  • Arduino Software (Ide)
  • Embedded System

Project Block Diagram

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