IOT Based AC Power Theft

Power utilities lose large amounts of money each year due to fraud by electricity consumers. Electricity fraud can be defined as a dishonest or illegal use of electricity equipment or service with the intention to avoid billing charge. It is difficult to distinguish between honest and fraudulent customers. Realistically, electric utilities will never be able to eliminate fraud. It is possible, however to take measures to detect, prevent and reduce fraud. Investigations are undertaken by electric utility companies to assess the impact of technical losses in generation, transmission and distribution networks, and the overall performance of power networks. Energy monitoring cannot be done efficiently mainly because consumers are not aware of their energy consumption. They will get an idea about their consumption only when the electricity bills are issued.

Project Description


Despite many efforts, Energy crisis is the present-day problem and it is getting worse day by day. To overcome this situation people are finding various energy efficient resources. In this paper, a model is designed which aims to identify and control power consumption of a particular area or sector. The designed model monitors the power consumption of the end users and cut off the power supply when it exceeds the set limit. The device sends the power consumption data to the concerned person through server using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The designed model can be placed before the transmission of the load in each house of that particular area. It consists a meter that generates a continuous unit pulse which can communicate with network through an Internet gateway WI-FI. With the help of internet accessibility, communication will be possible between end-user and the supplier. The supplier can monitor and control the power consumption of the end user from a place. Along with that the device sends notification to the supplier about status of power consumed.


  • Arduino UNO 
  • AC Current Sensor 
  • Node MCU  
  • Relay Driver
  • LCD Display 
  • Power Supply


  • Embedded C
  • Arduino IDE
  • Proteus Simulation

Project Block Diagram

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