IOT Based Solar Panel Motoring and Cleaning System

In solar power generation plants, lakhs of solar panels are arranged in form of multiple arrays. The solar panel farms are generally situated in dirt and dust areas which is mostly in case of tropical countries. The performance of solar panels depends on various factors, the power generated by farms can decrease if there is dust and dirt on panels and this is the main factor for reduction. Solar power plants Node Mcu is a microcontroller with wifi module in built in it. need to be monitored for optimum power output. This helps help us to bringing back efficient power output from power plants while monitoring for faulty solar panels connections, and dust accumulated on panels lowering output and other such issues affecting solar performance. So here we present an automated IOT based solar power monitoring system that allows for automated solar power monitoring from anywhere across the globe over the internet. We use node mcu controller-based system to monitor solar panel parameters. This solar power monitor system continuous monitors the solar panel and transmits the power output to IOT system over the internet.

Project Description


This paper focusses on instant monitoring of a renewable energy system that is solar power plant, by keeping track on its parameters the voltage from solar panel is abstracted and converted within a range with the help of voltage sensor which is sustainable to the microcontroller. The monitoring platform is based on current and voltage measurement of each solar panel. The related values are measured with the developed sensing circuits and are processed by ATmega 328p microcontroller. The processed parameters are then stored on IoT cloud and smart data analysis is done by web server. By proper interpretation of data over cloud, cleansing process can be initiated by giving command manually through IoT Server web application.


  • Arduino UNO
  • Voltage Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • LCD Display
  • Relay Driver
  • Water PUMP
  • Battery
  • Solar Panel


  • Arduino Software (IDE)

Project Block Diagram

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