IOT Based Three Phase Power Failure Monitoring System

Remote monitoring systems provide early detection of power outages, so you can act quickly. When the system detects an outage, it sends an alert to the proper personnel via phone call, text message or email. Without a monitoring system, you might not learn about a power failure for hours or even days. And by then, it may be too late to save your inventory.

When one phase of a three-phase system gets lost, a phase loss occurs. This is an advanced system that monitors power failure. There are three phases R, Y, and B when any one of the phases detects failure it notifies the concerned authority with the help of text message. This IOT system is connected with the GSM module, the call is connected for configuration purpose. Whenever the phases are been disconnected the system shows the power failure on LCD indicates. Then it sends SMS on the authorized number informing the disconnected phase. After reconnecting power to the phase system, sends the text message informing the phase is working fine, on the authority person number. In this way, the authority gets instantly notified and they may take appropriate action to solve the problem.

Project Description


 “IoT Based Three phase Power Failure Monitoring System”. In modern society, we cannot imagine the life without electricity. Most of the equipment requires a continuous supply of electricity. Not only industry, but also in the household. Power failure may be caused by several of factors such as overload on the power plant, a thunderstorm, and cable breakage during excavations. For whatever the reason, you will be notified as soon as the power failure occurred in your remote area and you can act accordingly. With using this Power Failure Monitoring System, you can reduce the damages caused by the power failure.


  • Transformer
  • Arduino UNO Board
  • Node Mcu [ESP8266]
  • GSM/GPS Module
  • LCD Display


  • Arduino IDE

Project Block Diagram

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