Raspberry Pi Based Autonomous Car Using Traffic Signal

This paper introduces a research and educational project towards self-driving Cars and traffic issues, the project focuses on building a model of autonomous vehicle.  Meanwhile self- driving cars is the one of the most discussed technology of current scenario. Self-driving Cars technologically a reality and in the next decade they are expected to reach the highest level of automation. The brain of system is the Raspberry Pi which capable of exchanging data with the sensors and fast enough for calculate millions of data per second. Since our car will use deep learning it will need heavy parallel computing power for that reason the Raspberry Pi will useful here. The cars will be controlled by servo motor controller which is controlled by Arduino UNO, capable of reading its rotational speed. Camera will be used to find and detect objects that are then processed by the main controller (raspberry pi 3b+) within the car. Self-driving cars are technological development in the field of automobiles. Many companies throughout the world are making a serious and continuous effort to make driving a safe and risk-free process.

Project Description


This paper aims to represent a mini version of self-driving car using IOT with raspberry pi and Arduino UNO working as a main processor chip, the 8mp high resolution pi camera will provide the necessary information and the raspberry pi will analyse the data(samples) and it will get trained in pi with neural network and machine learning algorithm which would result in detecting road lanes, traffic lights and the car will take turns accordingly. In addition to these features the car will overtake with proper LED indications if it comes across an obstacle.


  • Raspberry pi mother board 
  • Pi camera 
  • Buzzer 
  • Relay driver 
  • Power supply


  • Python
  • Open CV


Project Block Diagram

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