Reconfigurable Hybrid Energy Storage System for an Electric Vehicle DC-AC Inverter

Mankind has been using automotive vehicles for transportation from one place to another. These vehicles use internal combustion (IC) engines to drive it. Due to increased number of vehicles there is environmental pollution caused by IC engines and reduction in fossil fuels. The latest innovations in the Automotive Industry are helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. One such technological advancement is Hybrid vehicles which use both IC engines and electric motors to drive the vehicles or a car in simple words, helping to reduce the amount of emissions produced maintaining the performance of the engine. However, in the future, the focus is on clean and green energy producing zero emissions. Design and manufacture of electric vehicles has led to major interest in current industry. Since these vehicles run on battery the main drawbacks are high cost, short distance travel and long charging time.

Project Description


Hybrid energy storage systems using battery packs and super capacitor (SC) banks are gaining considerable attraction in Electric Vehicle (EV) applications. Conventionally, such hybrid systems have been exploited using massive high-power DC/DC converters with bulk magnetic elements. Recently, switch-capacitor Multi-Source Inverters (MSIs) have been introduced for such applications. Charging time and power transfer efficiency are the main challenges of wireless power transfer for electric vehicles. The proposed control scheme matches the reflected load impedance, by controlling accordingly the front-end dc-dc converter (FEC) of the SS-WPT system.


  • Arduino Mother Board  
  • Vehicle detection sensor (Ultrasonic Sensor) 
  • Node MCU
  • Relay Driver 
  • Buzzer 
  • LCD Display
  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Coil Winding
  • Power Inverter
  • Jumper wires



Project Block Diagram

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