Secure and Warning System in Hair Pin Bends in Hill Stations Based on Zig Bee Technology

Accidents that are happening everyday are the results of rapid growth in transportation and vehicles. Because of breaking traffic rules, carelessness and bad conditions of the road, accidents mainly occur. Due to their alignment characteristics, traffic crashes among all road geometric elements occurs.ccording to survey, 10% of total number of vehicles crashes happens on curved segments in hill stationsand 13% of deaths that occurs are due to road accidents. It is not an easy task to drive in hairpin bends and curves in hill stations. In such situations, the driver needs to be alerted all the time while driving. The vehicles that are moving up hills should be given the first preference in hair pin bends. But the accidents and road blocks mainly occurwhen the drivers fail to follow the rules.

Project Description


The main reason which has led, traffic congestion as a ‘worldwide’ phenomenon over the last few decades is the increased population growth and the number of motor vehicles. With the help ofZigbee communication the system of management of road traffic has been significantly improved. The ant colonies and the principles of swarm intelligence have enlightened the system of road traffic management which has been proposed in this Project. The sensor which is of ultrasonic in nature is used to find if there is any obstacle that is transmitted through the Zigbee transmitter and the receiver section fixed in every car receives the information and that is announced in speaker and if any abnormalities the buzzer will alert the driver and these are displayed in the LCD display. Ultrasonic sensors are used to find the distance of the neighbor vehicles and transfer the adapted data to receiver.IR is used to find the number of incoming vehicles.


  • Arduino UNO
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • IR Sensor
  • NodeMCU
  • Buzzer
  • Power Supply 


  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
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